We're opening Friday, 10/23! We will be strictly following COVID safety regulations as specified by the CDC and the City of Memphis.
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Food & Drinks

Q: Can I bring in my own drinks — alcoholic and non-alcoholic?
A: Rec Room has a full bar, a stellar selection of local and domestic brews, soft drinks and more. If we don’t have your favorite drink, just ask and we’ll see what we can do to stock it for you. (The short answer: No, please do not bring in outside drinks.)

Custom Parties

Q: Can I rent out Rec Room for my birthday party (or any private party for that matter)?
A: Of course! Go here to get started.

Q: What about private corporate events?
A: We do those too, along with just about any private event you can imagine (within reason).
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Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: We are 18+ ONLY at this time.

Q: Can my kids do whatever they want at Rec Room?
A: Valid question. But we do have a few ground rules at Rec Room. Please keep an eye on your children and be sure they’re not running, screaming, climbing or setting drinks on games. In short: treat it like it’s the rec room in your own home.

Q: Can I rent a living room or two for my kid’s birthday party?
A: For kids we are currently offering private parties only. Text us at (901) 209-1137 for more information.

Living Rooms

Q: How do I rent a living room?
A: Easy. Just go here.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a living room?
A: The usual going rate is $10/hour Monday through Thursday, $25/hour Friday through Sunday. Reservations are for 1 hour. But we do offer weekday specials sometimes. Be sure to check our Facebook page for promotions.

Q: Can I bring a cake, cupcakes or other celebratory desserts for an adult party?
A: For a $20 per room cutting fee, you sure can. (Not applicable after the $40 party package fee is paid.)


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